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Taipa Village Easter Festive Fun

During the Festive April, Taipa Village Cultural Association has arranged a series of Easter Fun to spread the festive vibe across the Taipa Village.  The series of activities including “Easter Egg Painting” as well as “Old Taipa Discoveries & Taipa Village Easter Egg Hunt”, and the information are as follows:


Easter Egg Painting Activity

Taipa Village Cultural Association is joining hand with The Salvation Army (association serves underprivileged families) and AFEDMM (association serves inclusion groups) for the upcoming Easter Egg Painting Activity in Taipa Village, instructor will guide participants to draw Taipa Village related sceneries on the Easter Egg together with some festive decorations.  Through this activity, we aim to create a festive environment in Taipa Village for our next generation, as well as encouraging communicates between inclusion groups and youngster in the community; to foster the concept of one unity.

Event Date                  : 8th April 2017 (Saturday)
Time                            : 12:00 – 15:00
Participants                  : Age group 6 – 12 / Age group 13 – 18
No. of Participants       : 10 pax
Activity                        : Each egg is painted by 2 kids from different background


Old Taipa Discoveries & Taipa Village Easter Egg Hunt

Taipa Village Cultural Association is going to host a family activity this Easter – “Old Taipa Discoveries & Easter Egg Hunt”, participants are required to search for some Old Taipa Secrets with the provided map and guidances as well as the hidden Easter Eggs. Through this activity, we aim to encourage kids to discover more information of Old Taipa, enjoy the festive vibe, encourage communication between kids and parents, as well as foster the concept of protecting the heritage site.

Event Date                 : 9th and 16th April 2017 (Sunday) – Participant can choose either day
Time                           : 15:00 – 18:00
Participants                 : Age group 6 – 12
No. of Participants      : 10 kids (kids should be accompany with parents)
Activity                       : Kids will be given souvenirs after the activity is finish

Apr, 08, 2017 - Apr, 09, 2017

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