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Taipa Village DREAM WITH LOVE Campaign

Owing to the positive response garnered from the generic public,《Taipa Village Cultural Association》 has extended the《 Dream with Love》 exhibition to Taipa Village Art Space to sustain the momentum.

The photos will also be at Mop 980, all funds raised are donated for charitable purposes.

The Harmony Collection

The Harmony Collection was captured in two community events organised by Taipa Village Cultural Association, supported by Taipa Village Art Space, Macau social community organisations, and other merchants in Taipa Village.

The community events include an “Easter Egg Painting Activity” and “Old Taipa Discoveries & Taipa Village Easter Egg Hunt”, delivering an amazing journey to the underprivileged community and the disabled so they can experience the rich cultural heritage and joyful Easter holiday in Taipa Village. These events will also facilitate positive interaction between the abled and the disabled by removing the barriers and promoting the concept of “One Unity” among the participants.

Macao Digital Photography Association is honoured to be the producer of the exhibition, capturing and showcasing the magic moments of the interaction between the local community, merchants, the underprivileged community and the disabled during the community events through 10 joyful, blissful and touching images.

 《Sisterhood Discovery Journey》

The Dream Collection

The Dream Collection was conceptualised by the Taipa Village Cultural Association, and supported by the Macau Deaf Association and the Macau Digital Photography Association, to showcase the unique heritage landscape and the “East-meets-West” cultural blend in Taipa Village through 10 emotive photos.

During May 2017, the community event 《“The World in My Eye” Photo Shooting Experience》 was held.   The Macau Digital Photography Association specially arranged a sign language coach for the photography course, guiding and assisting the participants from the Macau Deaf Association to complete those 10 photos. The photography course aims to bring the disabled and professionals together, allowing the former to share and learn about photography theory and shooting skills, so as to deliver the positive message of “Physical Constraints Do Not Affect Personal Ability” to the general public.   People in the world are equal to deserve a dream and the opportunity of living the dream, regardless of their physical constraints.

   《Echo with Wings》

Sep, 20, 2017 - Oct, 06, 2017

10 Rua dos Clerigos, Old Taipa

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12:00 - 20:00 (Monday Closed)

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