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Taipa Village Easter Festivity Fun

The very well celebrated Easter Festivity Fun is returning to Taipa Village this Easter! Being a festive season to praise renewal and rejuvenation during the transition of Spring and Summer, the Easter Festivity Fun is going to color and vivid this very own East meets West community with multiple artistic programs and rejoice activities for 2 consecutive weekends, publics are welcomed to join us to share the FUN!


Art Program – Easter Painting Fair

Getting your hands on the Painting Fair in Taipa Village, blast the Easter pantone with infinite creativity and fulfill your festive holiday with Arts & Color.


This weekend Easter Painting Fair includes:

Instructor will guide the DIY session of Easter egg painting with Taipa Village theme, participants can know more about the scenery and texture of Taipa Village while adapting the basic skills of color using and spacing. Besides, Family T-shirt Screen prints and complimentary face painting is also available complementing the painting experience.


Date            : 24 – 25 March, 2018
Time           : 12:00 – 18:00
Venue         : Taipa Village Art Space, Tapas de Portugal
Admission  : Free (Except T-shirt screen printing)


Easter Egg Hunt & Taipa Village Discovery

Unveiling the Secret route for this Easter, our Taipa Village foodies and visitors are onto another mission for Easter eggs hunting and Taipa Village secret discovery, an Easter Grand Lucky Draw will be entitled for the challengers with mission completed!


This Mission includes:
Participants will be given an Easter Hunt Kit with map and instruction, mission will be completed after discovering secrets of Taipa Village, hunting all the Easter eggs and collect all the stamps.
Date           : 31 March – 1 April, 2018
Time          : 12:00 – 18:00
Enrollment Location : Taipa Village Art Space, Rua do Cunha, Pak Tai Temple Front
Admission  : Free

Mar, 24, 2018 - Apr, 01, 2018

Taipa Village, Taipa Village Art Space

Opening Hours

12:00 - 18:00

853 2857 6116