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My Merry X’mas! Taipa Village Christmas Fair

This Christmas, Taipa Village Cultural Association will be collaborating with Mandarin Oriental Macau to present a pop-up festivity “My Merry X’mas! Taipa Village Christmas Fair”, comprising the sales of a great selection of Christmas confectionary, art and handicraft products, the showcase of craftsmanship by local talents, as well as other interactive activities. This pop-up aims to promote Macau cultural and creative industries, and spread festive joy to everyone with a specially decorated Christmas atmosphere.


Pop-up sales:

1. Christmas Confectionary

2. Christmas gifts

3. Spa Products

4. Gift and Accessories

5. Stationery


Interactive Activities:




Serendipity is a Macau handicraft brand. The establishment of this brand aims to spread hope and warmth through candles, to lighten up those who need light in their lives, physically and mentally. Every piece of handmade is unique and precious, and all of them are full of the creator’s love and its own story. Serendipity aims is to re-light up happiness into life through a little handmade candlelight with handmade products inspired by starry sky and illusion including planetary scented candles, candle nightlight and aromatherapy soy wax candle.



The founder of Katzen began to create postcards since 2014 and her photography was sent to different countries initially. After making postcards with her painting, they became popular among postcard enthusiasts from all over the world.  Its branded products are mainly based on the sale of “Macau World Cultural Heritage” postcards. In addition, they began to make magnetic stickers and coasters with the theme of Macau in order to meet the needs of travelers. Besides, more different types of souvenirs will be produced in the future.



The word “Ary” in the brand name of “Ary Accessories Macau” represents the concept of “Art for Real You” that relates to the original belief of the founder. The aim of its creation is to hope that enthusiasts who love handmade jewelry can purchase at reasonable prices to match their daily styles and also select individual styles for special occasions.



“Life is too short to wear boring jewellery!” This is the original intention of its jewellery making. A piece of jewellery, in addition to the single decorative function, it also reflects both artistic aesthetics and craftsmanship, as well as unique stories and attitudes towards life. The establishment of the studio began with the belief in life should not be only monotonous and cautious, yet everyday of life can be illuminated through unique jewellery. Founded in February 2019, the studio specializes in high-quality handmade sterling silver accessories, natural stone, light jewellery and its own brand of sterling silver jewellery and various types of sterling silver jewelry tailor-made for customers.



MEEET is a Macau cultural gifts design brand. MEEET’s story starts with “traveling” and “seeking”, the brand is devoted to exploring Macau culture and creating memorable souvenirs with aesthetics and novel design. Meeet has three series of products: “Meeet Heritage”, “Meeet Gala” and “Meeet Fortune”.



SA Face Painting was started with an idea to share happiness and joy to the creator’s own children. It aims to spread happiness to different people with smiling and sparkling faces by bringing them joyful and happy memories. SA face painting provides water based and non-allergic products that are safe for all types of skin.



“Like Painting” refers to “caricature” in Japanese – indicates a direct illustration style and an action of drawing the portrait of a real person to reflect his / her instant appearance and mood. The creator Ioklin embraces a belief in touching others with a sense of heart and soul-healing through her adorable child-like painting style. Her work is mainly painted with crayons and colour pens to create portraits of close-up, half and full body image.


Dec, 01, 2019 - Dec, 31, 2019

10 Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Macau

Opening Hours

12pm - 8pm

853 2857 6116
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