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Trapped x Escape – An Eternal Theme: Sharing Session by Tracy Choi and Simmy Cheong
Award-winning film director Tracy Choi and cinematographer Simmy Cheong have known each other for a decade and they have collaborated very closely in numerous cinematic productions.   This April till July, they jointly present a highly experimental exhibition at Taipa Village Art Space entitled “Trapped x Escape – An Eternal Theme: Narrative Stills”,  an open-ended cinematic work comprised of a unique set of narrative still images that offers the essence of stories that could take shape.
In the sharing session, Tracy and Simmy will introduce their past and current works, share their cumulative collaborative experience and some insights regarding the film industry.



May, 02, 2021 - May, 02, 2021

10 Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Macau

Opening Hours

3pm – 4 pm